Offsets that change the future.

We believe that business can impact the bottom line while simultaneously impacting social and environmental issues.

From poverty alleviation to gender equality and climate change, our scalable business model addresses seven key Sustainable Development Goals that change lives.

Let’s Do It Together

Our offsets bring better health and greater prosperity to families at the base of the economic pyramid.

How Our Carbon Offsets Work

Change your paradigm.

We’re not just focused on solving short-term problems. We’re changing the paradigm in emerging markets by establishing a permanent, trusted presence that allows us to help continually improve lives through innovative products and services.


We create jobs by building sustainable businesses in developing countries.

We improve health and quality of life while alleviating poverty through high-value social products.

We reduce GHG emissions through clean energy solutions such as cookstoves, water filters and solar lights.


We partner with forward- thinking corporations to fund activities in the developing world that address Sustainable Development Goals.

A new model for socially responsible business

We are redefining what it means to apply business solutions to social problems while building toward serving 100 million people at the base of the economic pyramid.

Why Paradigm