The Paradigm Project was founded on the premise that business could be used as a tool for good.

Since 2008, Paradigm has partnered with forward-thinking brands and investors to fund and grow social businesses that create incredible social, economic and environmental value for families in the developing world.

Serving one hundred million people.

Our vision is to start a revolution by redefining what it means to apply business solutions to social problems, and in doing so serve one hundred million people at the base of the pyramid.

Paradigm is continually refining a replicable, scalable social business model that addresses seven key Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Impact

The Paradigm business model:

Empower the customer and earn their trust through a selection of innovative and life-changing products at price points that meet their needs.

Offer financing with monthly payment terms modeled to match the savings realized through use of the product, allowing families access to vital clean energy and water treatment technologies they otherwise could not afford.

Create efficient, sustainable and highly scaled distribution networks by leveraging innovative funding mechanisms, including corporate SDG investments and Verified Emission Reductions sales.

Quantify social, environmental, and economic outcomes through rigorous monitoring and evaluation to learn, refine and repeat.

Break down the barriers to scale:

The Paradigm Project has built a model that overcomes the three most common barriers to replicating and scaling businesses at the Base of the Pyramid:

  1.  Lack of consumer awareness and trust,
  2. Lack of cash, and
  3. Lack of cost-efficient distribution to the last mile.

Shifting the Paradigm.

Our Mission is to develop, fund and grow profitable social ventures that provide opportunity, reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for low-income families in the developing world.

A socially responsible business.

What does it mean to operate a socially responsible business? For us it means constantly seeking to balance environmental, social and financial outcomes in such a way that we deliver on our promise to change our customers' lives.

That means maximizing our impacts on the ground without losing site of the fact that we need to be profitable to be sustainable. Working with some of the poorest communities in the world makes this a constant challenge, but one that we're excited to undertake.

The lives we touch are real.

Did you know that more than 3 billion of us still cook every meal over an open fire?

By partnering with hundreds of investors, volunteers, carbon buyers, donors, fans and advocates, we’ve been able to achieve remarkable impact in the lives of real people.


Qaqe Ali’s Story

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