A new Paradigm.

In an increasingly commoditized market, The Paradigm Project stands apart:


Rigorous Monitoring and Reporting


Strong Financial Additionality


Unequaled Co-benefits


Partner Program Customization


Portfolio Diversification

Reduce carbon emissions for a more sustainable future.

Carbon offsets can be generated from over 200 project types, such as renewable energy, methane abatement, reforestation, fuel switching and energy efficiency. However, few project types go above and beyond environmental impact to deliver real, sustainable development impacts. Efficient stove and clean water offsets do just that, providing some of the most powerful development tools available today.

At The Paradigm Project, we not only generate verified carbon offsets, we also create sustainable businesses that transform lives.

Impact millions of lives through energy efficient clean cooking stoves.

4 million die every year from smoke

According to the World Health Organization, 4 million women and children die every year from lower respiratory diseases related to indoor cooking smoke. It’s the #1 killer of children under five globally.

Walk 10+ miles per trip to collect fuel

In some areas of the world, women walk 10+ miles per trip and can spend as much as 30 hours per week collecting wood for fuel.

1/3 of annual income is spent on fuel

Families spend as much as 30% of their annual income on cooking fuel. In Africa, cooking ranks 3rd behind only food and shelter in terms of annual cost of living.

Inexpensive and efficient cooking stoves.


By distributing stoves like these to the poorest people in the world, our offsets:

Decrease the amount of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

Contribute to a more sustainable future.

Impact the lives of the people who use them, especially women and girls.

Free up time and income for families at the base of the economic pyramid.

You can help create highly scalable, locally managed distribution businesses that generate economic opportunities for the poor.

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