What's in a name?

A paradigm is a broadly held set of beliefs that greatly impacts the way we see and experience the world around us. Often the greatest barriers to progress and innovation are simply the result of an inability or refusal to see beyond the current paradigm. When an ineffective model of reality dominates common thinking on a subject, a paradigm shift is usually the only way forward. That's who we are and why we took on our name—we want to challenge people to see poverty and think about the poor in new ways. The way poverty has been marketed to us in the states and Europe is misleading. Yes, there are people on the edge of survival who need our help in the form of charity. But this is about 20% of the global "poor". The large majority of the poor are proud, hard-working people who are looking for partnership and opportunity, not for a free lunch. The paradigm shift we all need to make is to move from seeing the poor as a helpless, homogenous group who need our help, to a diverse group of potential partners and customers who want the very same things for their families that we do for our own, and who are willing to work for it!

Mission (what we do)

We develop, fund and grow profitable social ventures that provide opportunity, reduce poverty and improve quality of life for low-income families in the developing world.

Vision (where we're going)

We want to start a revolution by redefining what it means to apply business solutions to social problems, and in doing so serve one hundred million people at the base of the pyramid.


Values (who we are)

  • We get stuff done: We accomplish amazing amounts of important work, focusing on impact and results, not process or tasks.
  • We embrace and drive change: We challenge the status quo and encourage new and better ways to work to make us smarter and more efficient.
  • We do the right thing: We are unashamedly ethical. We say what we mean and do what we say. We do what’s right even if it’s costly or inconvenient for us or the company.
  • We go the extra mile: We are passionate about the mission, the company, our colleagues and partners. We never give up on people or outcomes that we believe in no matter how hard the work becomes. We always do more than is expected or asked.
  • We do more with less: We treat the funds entrusted to us as if they were our own because we care about the people we serve and those supporting us in doing so.

Our Projects (where we work)

We currently work in 3 countries developing carbon offset programs to support our work on the ground: Kenya, Ethiopia and Guatemala. In addition, we have early stage relationships brewing in about 10 more countries, including Malawi, Nigeria and Honduras.