4 ways to Support


4 ways to Support

4 ways you can support our work

Our unique model brings together investors, grant-makers, donors, businesses, and non-profits to fund and create the greatest impact for the most people in the most sustainable ways. We can’t change the lives of 100 million people without you. We need your voice, your partnership and your support to get there. Here’s how you can help:

Make a Donation

A donation to The Paradigm Project is like an investment into a sustainable, profitable social business in the developing world. Your donation is pooled with others under a program that multiplies the value of your gift, generating a greater Return on Giving (ROG). ROG is the total measure of social, health, environmental and financial impact per dollar donated. We treat a donor’s ROG as seriously as we do an investor’s Return on Investment. Learn more by hitting "Donate" below.

Purchase Offsets

You can offset your own carbon footprint and help some amazing projects in the process. When you buy offsets from us you are purchasing environmental benefits created by the use of energy efficient stoves and solar lights. These products dramatically reduce carbon emissions and help alleviate poverty. And every carbon offset sold supports the growth of our projects around the world. It’s a true a win-win purchase. Learn more by hitting "Buy Offsets" below.

Spread the Word

One way you can help us (and this one's free!) is by spreading the word. Follow us, like us, talk about us, write about us (or even to us). We like a little love just as much as the next guy. So introduce us to a few friends. Write us a love note or even a passionate critique. We want to hear from you and learn from you. It's how we get better. The point is, every little bit of interaction helps drive our projects and our efforts forward. So if you like what you see, please share the love!

COMING SOON: Buy a Social Outcome

When you donate to most non-profits (and yes, this is how it works when you donate to us), you give money in hopes that the non-profit will achieve some important objectives with those funds. You give. Then they do. And at the end of the process, you find out (hopefully) if your money was well invested and effective. Well, we want to flip that paradigm on its head. And we need your help to do it.

Instead of asking you to give your money up-front to see if we can achieve a set of desired outcomes, we want to do the work first, certify the outcomes and then ask you to "Pay it Forward" by buying a social outcome on behalf of someone in need. Instead of giving money and hoping your funds are used well, we want to offer you the chance to pay for something that's guaranteed to have achieved a certain level of impact. We still have a bit of work to do to refine this approach, so please stay tuned. In the mean time, we'd like to hear from you. What do you think of this idea? Would you like to participate in it if offered? Positive or negative, we'd like your input!