Pioneering new ways to address poverty

The Paradigm Project was created to positively impact poverty by proving that business can be leveraged as a tool for social good. We're a social enterprise that works with donors and investors to create scalable business models that deliver social, economic and environmental value within developing world communities. We’re pioneering the way poverty is addressed by bringing conscientious people like you together to deliver real impact, long-term sustainability and an opportunity for people to lift themselves out of poverty instead of trying to do it for them.

We invest

We use donations, grant funding, social investment and low-interest debt to invest in people and innovative ideas that can positively impact poverty at the base of the economic pyramid. By investing in the people we seek to serve instead of acting on their behalf, and in businesses instead of charity, we create sustainable solutions that grow over time without the need for continuous external funding.

We create

We use business as a tool to change lives by offering jobs and opportunities instead of aide. This creates a cycle of self-reliance and sustainability instead of dependence. Check out the first example of our work, a social franchise we've launched called EzyLife that manages distribution and sales networks to serve rural families with life-giving products like efficient stoves, water filters and solar lanterns.

We scale

We use your donations and purchases of carbon offsets to help scale our work around the world. Join us in making an investment in someone's future by purchasing Paradigm carbon offsets to neutralize your driving or flying carbon footprint. When you do, you are enabling us to expand our work into new countries and develop new businesses that can serve critical needs at the base of the pyramid.