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Going Carbon Neutral

Because we know the world is filled with different kinds of people, we offer two ways to go carbon neutral: Quick & Easy or Deep & Detailed.

For the Quick & Easy calculations, we use the same robust emissions factors and data as we would for a very customized carbon footprint calculation. However, instead of basing the calculations on a detailed analysis of your particular car or home, we simply apply the factors to common averages of annual distance driven or flown, household size, fuel mileage, etc. This makes it quick and easy to just pick some parameters that closely match your own, purchase the offsets and go (thus the name).

Alternately, if you like a bit more detail in your life, you can choose the Deep & Detailed option and we'll have a specialist contact you directly to estimate your carbon footprint based on your specific lifestyle, car, home, etc., and provide the exact number of offsets needed to make your life carbon neutral.

If you want to see how we calculate these numbers, go here.

Of course you can always customize by choosing the "a La Carte" option to select the specific number of carbon offsets you want to purchase one metric tonne at a time. Regardless of how you choose to support these amazing projects, we greatly appreciate it.

Quick & Easy: Driving

The packages below represent a year's worth of driving at an average 12,000 miles per year and are rounded to the nearest whole metric tonne. To offset your driving, simply select the number that most closely matches your vehicle's average fuel economy performance (MPG) for each car in your household. If you drive more than 12,000 miles per year, feel free to offset that additional driving by adding some offsets through our a La Carte purchase option.

15mpg @ 12,500mi

8 MtCO2e

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20mpg @ 12,500mi

6 MtCO2e

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25mpg @ 12,500mi

5 MtCO2e

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30mpg @ 12,500mi

4 MtCO2e

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35mpg @ 12,500mi

3 MtCO2e

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Quick & Easy: Flying

The items below represent a single flight by distance rounded up to the nearest tenth of a tonne. To offset your flying, simply select the distance that most closely matches each round trip flight you've taken over the past year. You will need to offset each trip and then adjust for the number of family or friends traveling with you in your cart. You can also use any combination of the categories below to dial in a trip length that falls between or above these amounts.

500 mi flight offset

.15 MtCO2e

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1000 mi flight offset

.20 MtCO2e

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1500 mi flight offset

.30 MtCO2e

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COMING SOON: Quick & Easy: Living

Check back soon for some ways to offset your household consumption.


a La Carte

Use this option to add a level of customization to our Quick & Easy offerings or to purchase a specific number of offsets. Just select the number of tonnes you wish to purchase and you're off and running!

1 MtCO2e
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Deep & Detailed

If you would rather have a carbon neutral strategy custom-designed, please contact us via the form below and we'll get back to you within 48 hours to arrange an interview.