Why donate to Paradigm?

We have a unique perspective about how donations can and should be used for alleviating poverty through economic development. As a social enterprise, we often describe ourselves as having the heart and mission of a non-profit organization combined with the efficiency and sustainability of a for-profit business.

As such, we're not asking you for donations to pay our staff or cover overhead costs. Instead, we want to leverage your gift to turn it into jobs, opportunities and empowerment for people at the base of the economic pyramid. And we have a really powerful way of making your gift work harder and go farther than you ever thought possible...

Here’s how it works:





You, being the generous person you are, decide to make a donation to help get life-improving products to people in the developing world.






Your tax-deductible gift goes directly to our partners at WaterStone, a US 501c3 non-profit that helps donors find and support great charities.






WaterStone takes your gift and loans it to Paradigm for anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.







Paradigm uses those funds to help local business partners procure social benefit products on credit until they can sell them in their communities.



Paradigm then repays WaterStone principal plus interest, increasing the value of your original gift.





WaterStone then completes the cycle by selecting quality charitable organizations and donating your original gift, plus any interest earned.


You get a charitable deduction for supporting Paradigm, local entrepreneurs in Africa and Latin America get working capital at a reasonable rate, and high quality charities get some badly needed support in the form of your gift multiplied and paid forward. Pretty cool. And all the while WaterStone oversees our use and repayment of the loaned funds and the subsequent disbursement to quality charities working all over the world.

Want to learn more about our perspective on "profit for the poor"? Check it out here.

Please make sure to select "The Paradigm Project #120584" from the drop-down list of available giving opportunities at WaterStone after you click the button above to link to their donor page. Thanks!

If you prefer to write a check, please mail it to WaterStone, 10807 New Allegiance Dr., Ste. 240, Colorado Springs, CO 80921. Please make checks payable to WaterStone and indicate "The Paradigm Project acct# 120584" in the check memo line. In addition to cash contributions, WaterStone specializes in receiving gifts of securities, real estate and business interests that can benefit The Paradigm Project. Alternatively, all donors have the option to open a WaterStone Giving Fund. Please contact WaterStone at 719-447-4620 for more information or to discuss the advantages of giving appreciated assets.

*The Paradigm Project (#120584) is established as a Ministry Charity Project of WaterStone Support Foundation, Inc., TID# 84-1430063. All contributions are irrevocable gifts under direction and control of the WaterStone Board of Directors, but will be restricted for the general purposes of the Ministry Charity Project