Leveraging carbon offsets on behalf of the poor

Because the poor have almost no access to clean energy technologies, they typically have little choice but to use open fires, kerosene and other primitive technologies that are highly toxic to both people and planet. Their contribution to climate change is quite literally incidental to their very survival. The carbon markets offer a unique opportunity to fund sustainable projects that serve critical needs in developing world communities.

Efficient stove, biogas (turning human and animal waste into cooking fuel), clean water and solar lighting products can all deliver extremely strong social value to communities while also generating sustainable growth for the local businesses selling those goods through the generation of carbon offset revenue. Take a look at how the cycle of creation and purchase works below.

How carbon offsets are made, certified and sold

Small business owners in the developing world buy product on credit to sell in their communities.

Small business owners in the developing world procure clean energy products to sell in their communities.

Entrepreneurs sell affordable clean energy products to families at the base of the economic pyramid.

Families at the base of the economic pyramid are offered clean energy products at affordable prices.

Use of the products saves families time, money and improves their health

As families use efficient stoves, water filters and solar lights, they save time, money and improve their health.

Their use of the products also reduces GHG emissions and conserves trees by saving fuel.

The resulting offsets are certified by auditors and sold to conscientious buyers like you.

Revenues from the sale of offsets are used to develop new products and scale the projects.

All of our carbon offset projects are developed under the Gold Standard, a non-profit governing body that certifies only the highest quality carbon offset projects that are committed to partnership with local communities.

Every offset we produce is rigorously evaluated and verified by 3rd party auditors to assure that it’s providing quantifiable environmental and social impacts.

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For more information on how carbon offsets and carbon markets work, see our FAQs.